Alexander Technique, Voice Work and Singing with Suryagita (Juliet Cox)    
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About Suryagita

Suryagita is a qualified teacher of the Alexander Technique and an experienced voice coach and singing teacher. She is an affiliate member of STAT (the UK Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique) and is currently chair of ATTSNZ (the Alexander Technique Teacher’s Society of New Zealand). She graduated from the Brighton Alexander Training Centre, UK (an internationally recognised teacher training course) in 1996.

Suryagita was first drawn to the Alexander Technique after a mountaineering accident in New Zealand in 1988. Early lessons left her feeling light and pain-free and she decided to train to become an Alexander teacher in Brighton, UK, which had a transforming effect on her life. Over time her back and neck pain disappeared and she felt calmer, freer, and able to go about daily activities without pain or tension. The Technique has also helped her to practise meditation and yoga with more ease.

The Alexander training also had a strong effect on her voice. Suryagita is from a musical family and has been singing since she was two years old, but throughout her childhood she often felt vocal strain. As a teenager she sometimes lost her voice through laryngitis. She realised that this strain was connected to tension in her neck, shoulders, legs and whole body as well as emotional blocks. As her body, heart, and ability to communicate freed up, so did her vocal chords and breathing. Over the last few years her voice has changed into a more natural, supported and “gutsy” sound. She worked with Corinne Shirman-Sati, of the "First Nature" Voice Training, for five years in Brighton, which has influenced her work. She has developed her own method of teaching people to support their voices effectively and has discovered that the combination of releasing tension, freeing the breath and strengthening the vocal support mechanisms is what gives power and resonance to the human voice. She is continually developing her work.

Suryagita loves to sing and write her own songs, finding her heart's expression through music. She also plays the 'cello and flute. She has recorded two albums – “Udana” in 1993 and “Fleeting World” in 1999. She has also recorded a teaching CD for her singing workshops – “Harmony Singing with Suryagita: Learning Pack 1”. Copies of these CDs are available through the Products page of this website.

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