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  The Alexander Technique:

  • helps you change the way you think and respond to your environment and restores balance in the way you use yourself
  • is a simple and practical method which helps you to move and use your mind and body with freedom and ease

   What conditions can it help?

  • Back and neck pain
  • Knee/hip or joint problems such as arthritis
  • Conditions such as RSI (repetitive strain injury)
  • Asthma/breathing problems
  • Stress or the inability to relax
  • Performance / co-ordination skills

   How can it help you?

  • The Technique will free you of back/neck pain and general muscle tension
  • It will improve your sense of well-being and your quality of life
  • Those who work at computers will learn to sit in a more effective way and avoid RSI
  • At work the Technique can help you to relax, manage your time and energy and stay calm in a crisis
  • Performing artists and sportspeople find it helpful for breathing, voice production, balance and co-ordination. It improves stamina and reduces "stage fright"
  • After operations, illness or injury the Technique aids rehabilitation
  • Mothers find the Technique helpful during pregnancy, childbirth and managing their posture when caring for their baby

Coming Events

Sit comfortably at your desk:

Learn to sit at your desk without strain, ease back and neck pain, work efficiently and avoid injury with the Alexander Technique!

To mark International Alexander Awareness Week 2013, come and find out more at St. Andrews on the Terrace, Conference Room 1, 30 The Terrace, Wellington:

Free Introductory Talk: Wednesday 2 October, 12.10-1pm (No bookings necessary)

One day workshop: Saturday 12 October, 10am - 4pm. Cost $85/$65 concessions. Bookings essential: contact

Individual lessons

How do I learn the Alexander Technique?

  • Through individual lessons with a qualified teacher. The teacher guides you through simple movements using their hands and some verbal instruction, working with lying down, sitting and standing, bending and walking. Later on the Technique can be applied to activities such as working on a computer, writing, playing a musical instrument, singing, speaking or sports.
  • As with any new skill, the Technique is best learned on a regular basis in order to change unhelpful postural patterns and establish new habits. A course of 20 to 30 weekly lessons is recommended to give you a good foundation. However this varies according to the individual.
  • You can try out an introductory session to see if the Technique is right for you, or an introductory group workshop.


Group workshops

Suryagita runs one-day introductory workshops for groups in Wellington. These are useful if you would like a 'taster' to find out more about the Technique before deciding to have individual lessons. See calendar or Coming Events (above) for details of the next workshop.


Courses for Organisations

The benefits of learning the Alexander Technique at work

  • Improve your posture and performance in the workplace
  • Reduce the risk of OOS / RSI (repetitive strain injury)
  • Let go of harmful habits and release tension
  • Reduce stress levels and stay calm in a crisis
  • Make the most of ergonomically designed furniture
  • Learn to present yourself effectively in public speaking

The Alexander Technique can be brought to your workplace to help staff with posture and stress management. Suryagita offers courses in the Alexander Technique to small groups and can tailor the course length and content to the needs of the company or organisation.

Courses include:

  • introduction to the principles of the Alexander Technique
  • exercises and games exploring how the mind and body function
  • individual workstation assessments and advice on how to sit and work with minimum effort
  • individual "hands-on" Alexander work
  • ongoing feedback, assessment and support
  • a practical exercise to do at home to maintain A.T. practice in everyday life
  • how to manage energy and stress levels

Suryagita has run training days in the Alexander Technique for the Croydon Borough Council, the Home Office (UK) and Voluntary Services Overseas (London).



Discount available for block bookings of 10 or more lessons.
Concessions available for children, students, beneficiaries and seniors



"I can honestly say that having Alexander lessons with Suryagita has changed my body and my life around."

Alan Buck
Town Planner

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"After Suryagita's workshop my back felt straighter - I had never felt so well. If there had been a mountain near me, I'd have been on top of it!"

Jean Carter


"I feel more confident, happy and the RSI has almost disappeared."

Alan Buck
Town Planner

"I have worked with many holistic practitioners and I am confident that Suryagita is in the top rank of practitioners, both through her knowledge and her style...Suryagita's approach is highly facilitative and adaptive, not only to the individual's health needs, but also to their life circumstances..." more

Professor Bob Sang
Chair of Patient and Public Involvement in Health, London South Bank University and Honorary Member of The Patients' Association, UK

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