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Voice Work - Who does it benefit?

  • Those who are nervous about public speaking
  • Anyone who wants to sing
  • People who mumble or need help with speech/articulation
  • People who have "lost their voice" through operations/accidents/emotional stress
  • Professional actors, storytellers, singers
  • Children who would like to sing with spontaneity

Our voices often do not truly express who we are, due to lack of confidence or physical or emotional tension. When we speak we may feel vocal strain, shortness of breath or neck tension. If we sing we may find it difficult to project our voice and let the sound freely resonate. Through voice work you can learn to overcome these hurdles.


Coming Events

Harmony Singing with Libero Singers Wednesdays 7.15-9.15pm in central Wellington, next course starts 1 February 2017. See Calendar for more information.

Speak with Presence - next course at St Andrews Centre, The Terrace, Wellington June 2017. See Calendar for more information.

Sing your heart out! Saturday morning course at Wellington High School, next course early 2017. See Calendar for more information.

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Individual Voice Coaching and Singing Lessons

You are guided through a process of letting your body fully support your voice. Using the Alexander Technique the teacher helps you let go of tension and come back to a natural relationship with your body. As a result breathing improves and you find your own unique sound, coming from an authentic place. As you express yourself more freely you will feel more whole, confident and connected with yourself and the world around you.

In singing lessons you will learn to gain confidence with your singing voice, using similar breath and tone exercises as in voice work. If you are new to singing you will learn to pitch your voice accurately, harmonise and sing songs with freedom and confidence. If you are an experienced singer you can learn to enhance your sound and find your authentic voice.


Libero Singers

Libero Singers is going from strength to strength - since our concert in December at Futuna Church we are gathering more members to experience the joy of singing in harmony
Develop pitch, harmony and rhythm skills, learn vocal technique and powers of expression
Learn songs drawn from contemporary and world music
No experience or audition necessary – all welcome

Here's what members of the group say: " We did really well in the concert - Suryagita did a wonderful job with us and it was great fun. I never thought in a million years I'd sing a solo - thanks for giving me that opportunity!" - Julia Baker

"I so enjoyed the term of singing with Suryagita. She has an amazing voice and musical talent. On our last night there was a wonderful collective feeling in the group". - B.L.

"I never thought I could sing when I first came to Suryagita's classes. She has a kind and gentle manner and always believes in you! which has helped me to develop and to sing my first solo." D.L.

But of course solos aren't required -it's fine just to sing along with everyone else in a supportive group!


Voice Coaching for Organisations

In the work environment we often need to use our voices well and communicate effectively. The courses are tailored according to the needs of the organisation and the individuals concerned.

Who will benefit from voice coaching?

  • Trainers who want to project their voice to a group
  • Staff who would like to speak with freedom and confidence at a meeting
  • Anyone who wants to give a public talk with ease and confidence
  • Call Centre staff - to improve effectiveness on the phone

Suryagita's background in voice coaching

Suryagita has run two highly successful courses for staff at Lloyds Bank (Brighton, UK):

  1. A workshop for trainers on how to project their voices effectively to a group, without strain.
  2. A course for collectors (Call Centre staff) on how to use their voices effectively on the telephone
The result of the 7 week pilot for Call Centre staff, where people attended one morning a week, was a significant improvement in performance for the course participants. The increase in the average amount collected per hour over a three month period was £95,000. The cost of running the pilot was £6,200, demonstrating a high return on investment.


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"I certainly got what I came for, which was to find out if I had a voice! It was such a joy and surprise to find it...I am excited and very grateful to Suryagita for her solid but gentle skills".

Sue Bromage

See more testimonials about Suryagita's voice work and singing classes.


"Suryagita's voice lessons were a revelation. Her coaching extended my vocal range considerably...I can now consider songs I never thought I could tackle."

Alan Cunliffe

I found, after the workshop, that my voice and breathing felt free and easy. The muscles which over the years had over-strengthened, restricting my breathing, relaxed and were simply being rather than working unnecessarily.

Lara Orman, Jazz singer, Wellington

"Suryagita is a delightful teacher combining contagious enthusiasm with a heartful repertoire of songs from different cultures."

Cat Powell
Workshop Organiser


"Thanks to Suryagita for so much fun and for filling us with beauty."



"The Alexander Technique, breathing and voice coaching exercises were brilliant and have really helped me... I loved the course, everyone should do it."

"I think the course is really worth going on. I've found I'm putting things into practice often without realising, which is how it should be. A great course for staff and customer well-being."

Comments from voice coaching course participants, Lloyds Bank